G a b r i a n n a   D a c k o

I want to capture genuine movement as it unfolds in light; I want a romantic air inside the frame.

Every day I adapt to realize these elements before me.


As I’ve grown in my work, I have developed movement in my photos and my technique. When

I’m working, I don’t pose people-- I find natural, dynamic moments, the moments that may get

lost or muted in the chaos of a single day. I look at someone and I see a story, and it’s this story

that’s so intriguing to me. As someone lives their life, it’s my privilege to document it, to record

that life with rich light and color. It’s important to me that the end result be a product of that

time and feeling.


I’m an Upstate New York-based photographer with a decade worth of experience and a heart set

on capturing candid moments in people’s lives. My passion and experience is in wedding,

fitness, and portrait photography. My work has been featured by the internationally known

fitness company Lululemon Athletica and local fitness communities, including CrossFit

Syracuse, O Yoga Studio, and Urban Life Athletics, and I’m continuing to add to my portfolio.


I’m fascinated by the endless variety of frames to shoot. Each subject is wholly individual, so

I’m always going to find different emotions and different perspectives; it’s what keeps me so in

love with this job. I’m always glad to work with clients who are as drawn to art as I am and who

can relate to the feeling I convey in my work.



Photo by Delaine Dacko